Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dreamforce, Data Tools and More

Looking for tips on how to thrive instead of just survive at Dreamforce? Business2Commumnity has a solid round up of the 4 best Dreamforce resources even if you think you have mastered the show, there are some insider tips.

Our resident data guru Ashley is attending with a group of newbies and veterans, we look forward to hearing more about her experiences. Of course what we really want to know is what is new and hot!

Can't wait until next week for all that is new and hot? Ashley shared what has been exciting her lately and you can check out right now.....CRMfusion just released the full version of DemandTools 2.40! There are many updates to our favorite modules. A completely new module has appeared this round, PowerGrid is now available for multi-field editing on the fly!

What are you excited for at Dreamforce?

Friday, June 22, 2012

We Are Number 2 and We Try Harder

Actually we're #62 and try harder. 

The Portland Journal hosted their annual Fastest Growing Private 100 Company event last night which celebrated local businesses. Craig Wessel kicked off the night with an impressive statistic: In 2011 you had to grow at least 5% over two years to be in the Top 100 and this year to be on the list you had to grow a minimum of 35%The growth rate set a record as the highest in event history and the top company grew 740% WOW! 

President Susan Linman shared her thoughts on the receiving award and the festivities. “We were so excited to be one of the fastest growing Oregon companies. I am so proud of everyone in our company. The best part of the evening was connecting  with so many colleagues, partners, friends and clients who were being honored.”

Kudos to the Portland Business Journal and all the sponsors for a delightful evening. Many thanks our clients and partners for playing such a huge part in our ongoing success, with a special thanks to the entire Dunthorpe team. We couldn't have done it without you.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Gives You the Best Response Rate?
The Latest DMA Findings

According to the DMA we should be calling you with this information for the best response, but we believe digital still has some legs. Since 2003, the DMA has been publishing their Response Rate Report, the latest edition was released last week.

As in previous years, the report was based on data collected through an email survey, but this year included an analysis of transactional data provided by Bizo and Epsilon of more than 29 billion emails and 2 billion online display impressions. In another first for this edition, DMA compares direct mail response rates over time.  The time series reveals that direct mail response rates have dropped nearly 25% over the past nine years

Telephone Response Rates Highest
According to the DMA report, telephone marketing may have the highest response rates, but it also has the highest costs, at nearly $78 per order or lead for a house list, and $190 for a prospect list. 

Direct Mail Tops Email For Response Rates; Costs Per Lead Similar
Comparing the return-on-cost of direct mail with email, Yory Wurmser, DMA’s director of marketing and media insights said: "The cost is equivalent when we're talking about getting a new customer, but for [a response from] an existing customer, email is more efficient, with ROI that's four times higher than direct mail."

Other Key Findings
The transactional data reveals that only 6% of the actions following an online display ad occur immediately following a click, suggesting that click-through rates drastically underestimate online display’s impact.

CPG boasted the highest email click to open rate (46.5%).
B2B campaigns saw generally higher costs than B2C campaigns. For letter-sized mailings, B2C outperformed B2B in response rates, 4.01% to 3.12%. For all other formats, B2B had higher response.

No matter what medium you choose, you'll get what you pay for. We think the question is really "What do you want to achieve". Have you asked yourself that lately?